Reach Chart

Use this 170cm tall chart to show how high children can reach and risk a hot drink burn.

The height chart includes burn first aid instructions and is  illustrated with the heights of standard surfaces in the home where a hot drink may be left.

  • On the floor
  • Coffee table at 40 cm height
  • Dining table at 70 cms
  • Kitchen worktop 90 cms

How to use the reach chart

The reach chart can be printed off in pieces and stuck together. It can be laminated and placed on the wall  (ensuring that the bottom of the chart is on the floor). It can be used in the home or for group activities e.g in children centres or play groups.

  • Children find it fun to see how high they can reach
  • Parents are surprised to see how high even the smallest child can reach
  • It is fun to run a competition to see who can reach the highest and mark the chart with a sticker with the name and age of the child
  • The reach chart can be used to see which household surfaces a child  can reach as they get older

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