Activity Guide

Step by step guide to a selection of fun activities to run in group sessions with parents / carers of young children.

Four activity sheets for group activities available to download,

Activity 1: Reach Chart

  • To show how high infants and toddlers can reach
  • To identify what house-hold surfaces they can reach
  • To inform discussion about where it would be safe to put a hot drink


Activity 2: First Aid Key Messages

    • To demonstrate and discuss how to administer first aid for burns


Activity 3: Accidentally spilling a hot drink

    • A demonstration (using a doll) to show how far a hot drink can spread and burn a child


Activity 4: How long does it take for a hot drink to cool?

    • A simple demonstration using a hot drink and thermometer about how long it takes for the drink to cool so that it is no longer hot enough to burn a child


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