Spread the word

SafeTea is still alive on our website. It is easy to spread the SafeTea word! Mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends, family, child minders ….. anyone who looks after young children or knows someone who does can spread the SafeTea messages .

1. Remember to always practice SafeTea at home and when you visit families with young children. Ask others to do the same:

  • Always keep hot drinks well out of children’s reach
  • Never pass a hot drink over a child
  • Don’t hold a baby and a hot drink at the same time
  • Make a SafeTea zone: a safe place for hot drinks in your home, out of reach of small children

2. Ask family and friends if they would know the right first aid for a burn, and let them know how easy it is: Simply COOL, CALL, COVER

3. Take the SafeTea Pledge and encourage others to do the same!

4. Spread the word on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to join the #SafeTea conversation.

5. Show your support for #SafeTea by using our supporter banners for social media or add our logo to your email signature…located on our resources page

6. If you run a parenting group, or work with those who look after young children, Videos, posters, flyers, reach chart, fridge magnet template continue to be available for you to use t.