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Hot Drinks Harm

Hot Drinks Harm video
Project lead: Dr Amber Young
Produced by: North Bristol Trust

Did you know ….

Babies and toddlers have much thinner skin than adults and burn much more easily and at lower temperatures

A hot drink can stay hot enough to burn a baby or toddler for over 30 minutes

A cup of tea would spread a long way over a small child’s skin

Babies and toddlers don’t see the danger, they are learning to move and explore the world around them

A toddler can pull a hot drink over themselves in an instant

Prevention of hot drink burns is easy using simple SafeTea rules:

  • Keep hot drinks out of reach of young children
  • Never carry a hot drink whilst carrying a baby
  • Never pass a hot drink over the heads of young children

Ways to keep hot drinks away from children

Place hot drinks at the back of the kitchen surface

Don’t place a hot drink on a cloth that hangs down over the edge of the table so that a small child can reach and pull it down

Make a SafeTea zone: a safe place for hot drinks in your home, where your family and visitors can keep hot drinks out of reach of small children

Avoid drinking hot drinks around small children

Always remind visitors to your home to ‘Keep hot drinks out of reach of young children’

Take the SafeTea Pledge